Denver Airport Conspiracy

By: Eugene Tooms
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Many strange reports have come out about the Denver airport; strong occult symbolism is present throughout the architecture/art of the airport. It went over 2Billion dollars over budget and fell 16 months behind schedule. There are theories that there is an underground network beneath the airport; or possibly even a bunker for elites. There have been various reports from construction workers.

The landing strip is shaped like a swastika

When a Horse statue at the entrance of the Denver airport called mustang; also known as Blucifer. The monument killed it’s sculptor as he completed working on it; severing one of his arteries. Some theorize that this horse represents one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse; Death.

Freemasons financed the construction of the airport The march 19 1994 adds up to 333.

Various murals with strange imagery; are found throughout the airport for example a mural titled “In Peace and Harmony Mural” it Speaks for itself. The art work had to be approved by various government officials.

Below is a video debunking the theories; think what you want of what is presented.







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