Beards Help Combat Bacteria

By: Eugene Tooms
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The average person thinks beards are disgusting and are host to bacteria and are an overall dirty style. The trend of growing your beard has been growing and this has lead to many people being faced with having to make arguments in favor of their beards. In this article we have a host of reasons why beards are a healthy choice when it comes to style.

Your beard and mustache help to hold airborne bacteria from your mouth, they’re also operating together to reduce your probabilities of getting gum disease. You should still brush you teeth by the way, just saying. Beards are desirable for more than just their flare; facial hair collects allergens that could otherwise make their way in to your nose and mouth. They also defend against wind damage, which dries your skin out and ages in advance. Think about all those with beards under that rough exterior have the skin of a baby. Another natural way to protect yourself from aging.

If you are not convinced yet also take into account the following. In 2011 research was done and proved that a beard provides SPF protection of up to 21; an excellent defense against solar rays and their cancerous causing radiation.

If one takes the time to take the proper care of their beard, shampoo and condition it; it can have many beneficial properties as stated above. So what do you think; do you feel like growing a beard now?

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