Man with no pulse

Man with no Pulse has Artificial Heart

By: Eugene Tooms
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What do we as humans all have in common? We all have a pulse and it is what keeps us alive; our heart pumps and blood flows through our veins; keeping our organs healthy and our defenses up. What if it were possible to live without a pulse. would you believe such a claim? Would you believe there was a man with no pulse?

On March 2011 a man named Craig Lewis was suffering from a rare life threatening autoimmune disease. He was admitted to The Texas Heart Institute and diagnosed with “amyloidosis”.

Amyloidosis is a group of diseases in which a group of abnormal proteins are deposited within vital organs. They accumulate leading to organ failure; due to abnormal build up. These proteins are difficult to breakdown; treatments involve chemotherapy, steroids, stem cell transplants and medications. It can take many months and even years to breakdown these deposits; leaving the body fragile and at risk to other medical complications.


When Mr.Lewis was admitted to the hospital he was already in an advanced stage of Amyloidosis. He had a build-up in his heart and did not have much time left.  Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazier from the institute had an experimental technique; which was never tested on a human. They had a device that ran on two turbines; that would allow the blood to flow through the body. continuously. They removed the heart and put in its place the device; the next day Mr.Lewis showed signs of improvement and was on his computer. He was living without a pulse. The question left is how long can the man with no pulse live for.

This type of technology is redefining what it means to be human. If we could replace all organs through a surgical procedure and simply operate on technology; would we do it? Do you think we should be able to extend human life and live as long as we want? Who decides when we have gone to far?

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