Tianjin China Explosion 2015

By: Eugene Tooms
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On August 13th 2015 Tianjin,China was devastated by a massive explosion; of unknown origin. Many theories have been proposed; but no concrete evidence has been found. Linked to an exploding pipe-line; hazardous chemicals in a storage facility close by; Rod of God. None of these theories have any substantial evidence behind them. The incident occurred around 11 pm; the official death toll reaching 173 with 797 injuries.

What should be taken  note of is the high level of censorship behind the event. There was a general lack of reports when this happened; including within china itself. China has taken action to take down multiple websites for reporting about the incident; in order to avoid misinformation IE.Rod of God theory. Over 40 hazardous chemicals were reported; to have been stored within the storage facility.

Tianjin Crater

The crater from the result of the blast

What can be said about this? why are some disasters around the world more news worthy than others? Do you think this event needs more coverage? if you search this event online; you will see that it is still under investigation. It is not good to believe everything you read and findings on this event should be taken with a grain of salt.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Tianjin_explosions

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