GMOs Will be Labeled on Campbell products

GMOs Will be Labeled on Campbell products

By: Eugene Tooms
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Campbell will disclose GMO labels on their products. GMOs if you do not already know are Genetically Modified Organisms. Genetic modification involves the mutation, placement, or removal of genes. This is not exactly a bad thing because the inserted gene is chosen by people; to make the plantation more efficient to adapt to unpredictable environments or unfavorable areas.  The company best know for tomato soup, V8 etc. This decision has been attributed according to Campbell because of consumers attitude towards whats they are consuming.  The labeling is coming soon “We’re optimistic that a federal solution can be reached in a reasonable amount of time, but if that’s not the case, we’re preparing to label all our products across the portfolio,” Ms. Morrison said in an interview.  GMOs have been linked to many diseases; but that is for another topic. With the new labels you can now research specific ingredients used in the production and make your own choice based on the results. The corporations are nothing without the consumer; people need to be reminded that they are the ones that give these companies power.

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Source :http://www.naturalblaze.com

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