Difficult Emotions to Define

By: Sam G.
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Some Emotions are difficult to define; We sometimes experience  moments in which you can’t exactly put your finger on what you are feeling and how to define it. This list is comprised of certain emotions that you have most likely felt at some point or another; But have not been able to explain or define.

Rubatosis – The uncomfortable feeling of being aware of your own heartbeat.

Kenopsia – The solitude/eerie feeling of being in a place that was once bustling with people and is now abandoned and desolate

Ellipsism – The removal of certain words that are key in building a grammatically correct sentence. But by doing so you are still able to understand.

Mauerbauertraurigkeit – A need to push people away including loved ones; this feeling is brought on by unkonwn origin.

Jouska – A hypothetical conversation that you play out in your head.

Chrysalism – A feeling of peace of mind or sense of well-being of being sheltered from threatening elements.

Vemodalen – A sense of frustration felt when you photographic something incredible only to find out that it has already been photographed many times before.

Anecdoche – A way of explaining something as a whole with a keyword.

Lachesism – A deep desire to have something disastrous happen to yourself.

Exulansis – To stop explaining to people a experience because you know one can relate to it.

Adronitis – Being frustrated by the amount of time that it takes to get to know someone.

Ruckkehrunruhe – The bitter-sweet feeling of having a memory of an exiting trip you have just returned from slowly dissipate away from your memory.

Nodus Tollens – Realizing that what you thought was the plot in your life, does not make any sense anymore.

Onism – The feeling of not being able to be in more than one place at once; leaving you to dwell on a variety of different opportunities that could be or have been.

Liberosis – The need to not be concerned or less concerned about things.

Occhiolism – The realization that your perspective is small and limited.

Enouement – The feeling of arriving in the future and seeing how things turn out; but not being able to go back to tell your past self.


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