Edward Snowden on Chemtrails

By: Sam G.
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Chemtrails; Have you ever looked out into the sky and wondered what the white lines streaking across the skyline are? Most people assume they are a trails left by the engine of planes. Have you thought that those trails might possibly be toxic and their intentionally placed? There is  a school of thought who believe the chemicals in these trails are toxic and are intentionally used to poison the masses. These people are assumed to be “conspiracy theorists”  these ideas are left in the back burner. Shunned from major media, it has taken time for proof to stack up. Chemtrails have been linked to things like population control, weather manipulation, biological warfare and much more.

The whole conspiracy theory surrounding chemtrails began in 1996. It was believed that the US air force was involved in the spraying of toxic chemicals.  Propelled by the explosion of the internet stories quickly spread. Piling on one after another. Naturally this created many skewed views and opinions.

One interesting piece of evidence was uncovered by Edward Snowden; he was a former employee of the NSA and gained access to information. He leaked information on the internet to the public. In the documents that were leaked, it is stated that the US has a program to conduct flight missions. The  purpose of the missions to release chemtrails. The purpose of the trails is to control the climate; more specifically to prevent global warming. The trails reflect heat from the sun keeping the earth cool. It has been said that the increased temperature is detrimental to American agriculture; making this an issue of national security. There is no conclusive evidence as to what kind of effects prolonged exposure to chemtrails may have. There are many speculations however and the make up of these chemicals are up for debate.  It would seem that the pros and cons are hard to weigh with the lack of information provided by the government. If things were more transparent people would feel less paranoid about these sort of issues and there would be room for more minds to contribute towards a solution.




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